Agricultural Finance and Smart Data for Climate Adaptation in Ecuador



Short description

The ECOMICRO Project “Agricultural Finance and Smart Data for Climate Adaptation in Ecuador”, is geared toward small-scale producers and micro and small agricultural production enterprises in rural areas at the national level in Ecuador. The project seeks to improve the availability and management of information about rural sector risks and opportunities to promote agricultural and climate-adapted financing. The project is expected to increase opportunities for small-scale producers and micro and small enterprises in the rural sector to invest in their businesses and develop resiliency in response to climate and environmental risk, as well as to increase production and reduce their risk profile.
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Key facts

Objectives of EcoMicro in Ecuador are:

  1. Identify the main climate threats and the most promising responses from a growing range of production and climate technologies for micro and small agricultural producers and rural communities.
  2. Diversify and modernize agricultural financial product offerings, and in particular, agricultural production, with a specific focus on climate and environmental issues.

Services delivered by YAPU

YAPU serves the role of main executing contractor, which entails:

  • Development of Implementation methodology;
  • institutional assessment of partner MFIs;
  • development of climate smart strategy with institutions;
  • identification and evaluation of climate solutions;
  • development of climate smart financial products;
  • development of the digital platform for credit assessment;
  • pilot preparation with each MFI; support of pilot phase;
  • communication and knowledge management.