YAPU derives from YAPUCHIRI.

These are traditional ‘leader’ farmers in the Bolivian andes. They collect, create and share agroecological knowledge and risk management strategies in the local area. Blending ancestral knowledge with newly adopted practices, Yapuchiris experiment on their own land then teach other farmers and local organisations about their successes.

In this spirit YAPU provides flexible software solutions supporting the operational processes of institutions targeting smallholder farmers, microenterprises and small- and medium-sized enterprises.


Sven Volland

Christoph Jungfleisch

Hannes Graef

Why we do what we do

YAPU was founded in 2017 because after years of work experience in micro- and green inclusive finance, its founders saw great potential in bringing digital solutions to the financial sector in developing countries.

Financial Institutions are crucial agents of change, especially in these countries. Oftentimes it depends on them whether a business can be started or a smallholder farmer will have a good harvest.


With our software the capabilities can be created to strengthen the risk management, capability management and data analytics of financial institutions, helping them to better understand their clients and make more informed lending decisions.

This enables the financial institutions to offer better products and conditions for their clients creating a win-win scenario.

After years in MSME finance, YAPU's founders saw great potential in offeirng commercial and flexible digital solutions to the financial sector. Financial Institutions are crucial agents of change in developing countries, oftentimes it depends on them whether a business can thrive or a smallholder farmer will have a good harvest. YAPU was founded to support financial institutions enabling more clients at the bottom of the pyramid to pursue economic empowerment and social development while sustainably harnessing the environment.

Our platform enables financial institutions to seemlessly digitize their processes, enhance risk management and improve terms and conditions of value offerings to their customers. Financial instituions can expand and deepen their market outreach, end customers receive products and services better catered to their very concrete needs.

This is much needed as recent projections show the important role especially smallholder farmers will have in securing food globally.

more food necessary by 2050

of global food supply is produced by smallholder farmers
However, especially smallholders are among those most vulnerable to climate change. Mostly organized in loose value chains, they lack knowledge and practical know-how to adapt successfully. YAPU enables financial institutions to measure climate and environmental risks efficiently, promote climate technologies and where suitable share data-driven insights with their end customers.