We make resilience finance operational.


These are traditional ‘leader’ farmers in the Bolivian andes. They collect, create and share agroecological knowledge and risk management strategies in the local area. Blending ancestral knowledge with newly adopted practices, Yapuchiris experiment on their own land then teach other farmers and local organisations about their successes.
In this spirit YAPU provides digital tools supporting financial institutions in developing countries targeting the most vulnerable, microenterprises and small- and medium-sized enterprises. We support our partners to identify social, climate and nature-related financial risks and address them with dedicated loan products. YAPU also collaborates with investors ensuring a comprehensive and verified view on the impact of their investments.


Esthela Gaspar
Hannes Graef
Christoph Jungfleisch
Hong Lem
Yessenia Naranjo
Delphin Ngamije
Katy Osculio
Jaime Osorio
Priscila Palate
Alexander Ulbrich
Sven Volland
Katherine Zambrano


After years in MSME finance, YAPU's founders saw great potential in offering commercial and flexible digital solutions to the financial sector. Financial Institutions can be crucial agents of change in developing countries, oftentimes it depends on them whether a business can thrive or a farmer will have a good harvest. YAPU was founded to support financial institutions enabling more clients to pursue economic empowerment and social development while seeing and decreasing negative impact on the environment.
Our platform enables financial institutions to seamlessly digitize their processes, enhance risk management and improve terms and conditions of value offerings to their customers. Financial institutions can expand and deepen their market outreach and become ready for additional investment based on their documented impact.

YAPU thereby serves the sustainable development goals.

Using YAPU software increases dramatically the operational efficiency of financial institutions, while decreasing their risk on failed credits. This allows for much better lending conditions, esp. for smallholder and micro businesses.
YAPU seeks to contribute to food security globally by providing smallholder farmers with insights on their farming practices and the means to adapt to climate change via financial institutions.
YAPU strives for the well-being of the ones strongly in need by enabling them the access to finance which provides them with the means to take care of themselves and their families.
YAPU strongly aims for sustainable economic growth on the bottom of the pyramid by providing environmental and social scorings and indicators.
YAPU provides the ground for better lending conditions for everyone. For a more just future.
By gathering data on production patterns of smallholders and microbusinesses, YAPU provides the basis for sound consultancy on enhancing production patterns in line with sustainability. This consultancy can be conducted by YAPU as well as its clients.
YAPU seeks to address climate change and ist impacts by levelling the ground for smallholder farmers to access the means necessary to adapt to the changing situation.
YAPU strongly supports the sustainable use of land and promotion of biodiversity by creating a database on production patterns which enables clients itself to include measures of sustainable production into their products.