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During the first Climate Adaptation Summit in January 2021 Antonio Gueterrez urged the world to channel 50% of all climate financing towards climate resilience as agreed upon in the Paris agreement. Currently only 5% of climate financing go into adaptation. In line with this pledge, the UNFCCC Race to Resilience was announced, inviting initiatives all over the world to join the goal of building up resilience towards climate risks among 4 billion people globally by 2030. Participating initiatives are invited to pledge their plan on how to reach impactful action during the COP26 in November 2021.

The global action campaign mobilizes businesses, investors, cities and civil society to strengthen the most vulnerable communities. A target group of particular interest in this context are smallholder farmers since they contributed least to climate change but are among the most affected. Facilitating resilience among smallholder farmers is a mission that YAPU is strongly dedicated to.

Smallholder farmers

In Western Africa alone more than 60% of the population depend directly or indirectly on smallholder farmer units for food security and income generation, while this number is estimated to be 70% in Latin America and the Caribbean. Climate change effects, degrading ecosystems and a growing population put pressure on the productivity and reliability of vulnerable food systems. Nature-based solutions are a cost-efficient way to tackle many of these challenges.

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About our initiative

Our initiative, NbScale 4 Resilience, is driven by YAPU Solutions in conjunction with the leading research center CIAT/CGIAR  and the Spanish Impact Investor GAWA Capital. The initiative’s vision is to pave the way to access to climate smart finance enabling increased resiliency for 100.000 smallholder farmers in the next five years. NbScale 4 Resilience intends to provide access to Nature-based Solutions for smallholder farmers in Latin America and Africa. Creating the enabling conditions and mechanisms for technology-backed adaptation finance is a key focus thereby. The initiative’s core innovation is based on a software which helps financial institutions to make more informed decisions for financing smallholder farmers, including the selection of the most suited nature-based solutions.

NbScale 4 Resilience was successfully accepted in the first round of applications, resulting in the opportunity to present the initiative in the Race to Resilience Action Dialogues hosted by the High-Level Climate Champions. “We have to find solutions at scale, while listening to local voices,” Sabrina Nagel, coordinator for NbScale 4 resilience, reasoned during the event. The messages of the action dialogues informed the subsequent Ministerial meeting on Climate and Development.

How to engage in the initiative

The initiative short term goal is to make at least 100.000 smallholder more resilient in the next five years. To multiply these ambitions, we are looking for like-minded financial institutions, but also other facilitating actors. We invite you to join NbScale 4 Resilience and will provide more detailed information in due course. Should you be interested to join our initiative, feel to drop us a line at

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