Certification of the Superintendencia de Bancos for YAPU SERVICES in Ecuador


We are very happy to have obtained another important milestone: 

The Certification of the Superintendencia de Bancos for YAPU SERVICES in Ecuador.

The Superintendence of Banks of Ecuador is the entity responsible at national level for the supervision and control of the entities of the financial system and the national social security system, with the objective of protecting the financial user. Thus, confirmed by the certification granted in favor of YAPU SERVICES ECUADOR YAPU SERV S.A., as a company of auxiliary services for the public and private financial sectors, we offer the security to guarantee that our products and services have the due legal support required by the Control Organism. 

Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that the qualification issued by the Superintendence of Banks of Ecuador, allows us to assure our clients, the fulfillment of the obligations and regulations involved in the different processes of digitization; to guarantee that our products and services are focused on the development of software and consultancy of international experts, to attend the needs of the financial institutions; as well as, the whole process of development, implementation and integration of the different requirements of our clients, assuring an optimal attention to quality.

YAPU SERVICES ECUADOR is a subsidiary of YAPU Solutions, a German company, founded in Berlin. We provide software and consulting services focused on inclusive finance, with a special focus on MSMEs, agriculture, climate and ecology, for financial institutions in all segments. We have worldwide experience in projects such as MEbA and Ecomicro.

YAPU’s software is completely flexible, allowing MFIs to easily digitize operational processes, focusing on data collection and processing for decision making, reducing the risks associated with their processes and benefiting institutions with greater efficiency, innovation and productivity.

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