YAPU Digital: agricultural lending adjusted to your needs


The YAPU software is a powerful digital tool built on decades of experience in the (micro)financial sector. YAPU digital helps financial institutions of all sizes to replicate their data gathering processes digitally and have a truly holistic view on their risks, especially in agricultural lending. All summarized in a detailed and automated credit assessment report.

100% Flexibility:

YAPU digital is built in a way that it can reproduce any information process and any questionnaire in your institution. It does not matter what kind of questions and how many of them your questionnaires for client assessment or follow up-visits comprises: with YAPU digital you have them all in one place online and your staff can access them any time through the YAPU app. But flexibility does not stop here. Through customizable user roles managers can assign questionnaires online to their subordinates and review assessment reports online. YAPU digital supports your organization to become more efficient through digital process management.

Next level credit scoring

What makes YAPU digital unique?

Our strong sector experience in credit scoring and indicator development. YAPU digital can include any scoring and produce any indicator you wish for. You have a proven score to rate clients? Let’s include it in YAPU digital. You are not happy with your scores and would like to see potentially better alternatives? Let us show which scorings we have to offer and find the best was forward for your automated credit analysis. Especially in the area of green inclusive agricultural lending we offer proven indicators, e.g. for climate adaptation or biodiversity loss.



Better results with referential data

A credit scoring is good. But how do you put the customer declaration in context? YAPU digital allows to integrate referential data of crops or businesses directly in your credit assessment. Through geo-location YAPU digital knows where a respective client is located and combines the customer declaration with inputs from referential data: average prices, costs for inputs, needed nutrition for a certain crop – all automatically included in your credit assessment.

Convenience through SaaS

YAPU digital is offered as Software-as-a-Service, meaning you only pay a monthly fee per user license, but always get the best of our ongoing development. You can use it on any desktop computer and for the use in the field dedicated apps for tablets and smartphones are offered.

And when you are visiting your clients, you don’t need an internet connection. YAPU digital will save the data locally and transmit it as soon as there is a connection available.

If you are interested to learn more, just leave us a message at try@yapu.solutions and we will be happy to provide you with a live-demonstration.

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